#1 - Sign up

Register for a free Scansolid account. No credit card details necessary.

As a web application, Scansolid can be used on any device with a web browser.

#2 - Create an offer

Use the Scansolid offer templating tool to create bespoke loyalty schemes for your business.

Define the qualifying purchase, the number of qualifing purchases required to be eligible for the reward, and what the reward itself is.

#3 - Generate QR Codes from any device

As the vendor, you generate a code when your customer completes a qualifying purchase.

The customer scans the code using their smartphone, and enters their email address to claim that transaction (at this point they are prompted to 'follow' your company on any social media accounts you have configured). They do not have to download an app, or keep a physical card safe over their next several visits.

#4 - Track and Reward your customers

As well as building loyalty for you brand, having a record of each qualifying purchase linked to a specific customer through their email address is very powerful. E.g. send your customer a nudge: ("it has been six weeks since your last haircut")

You can also analyse trends and patterns in your data, to give you unique insights into your business.