Cloud based customer
loyalty schemes for everyone

Any business can now leverage the power of a customer loyalty scheme - from Pubs and Golf Courses, to Snack Vans and Plumbers

No physical loyalty cards
One of the largest problems with traditional customer loyalty card schemes is that your customers have to be issued with a physical card. What's more, they are expected not to lose it, and remember it every time they visit you.

No mobile apps
The major mobile app stores are saturated. There is so much competition, and users are becoming far more discerning when it comes to installing applications onto their devices. With Scansolid, there is no 'barrier to entry' - no app to install. Just scan the QR Code.

No specialist hardware required
Scansolid QR codes can be genarated by the merchant on any device with a web browser - PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, the list goes on. This means no up front cost for equipment. Customer smartphones can scan QR codes direct from any screen.

No monthly fees
Our pricing is a per-transaction model. You pay just a few pence per transaction you track with a Scansolid loyalty scheme.

No payment details required for a free trial
Receive 50 free transactions when you sign up to get you started. No credit card required.

Generate a Social Media following
Gather those precious "Likes" and "Follows" - a Scansolid transaction puts your social media links right in your customers face during each and every transaction.

Environmentally Sound
No physical loyalty cards means no waste going to landfill.

Start leveraging your customer data today
Is your current loyalty card scheme fit for purpose in the digital age?

Who are your customers?
The 80/20 rule is often quoted in business - 80% of your sales are generated from 20% of your customers. Scansolid allows you to identify and track these customers by recording their transactions, and issuing targeted rewards.

Use your customer data
Once you start collecting data on your customers, you begin to get insights into their behaviour. You can also tailor your marketing campaigns. For example a hair dresser might want to email all customers who had their last haircut around 2 or 3 months ago.

Is your existing loyalty scheme secure?
Using physical loyalty cards with staff signatures or mini rubber stamps should be a thing of the past. The risk of abuse through forgery or other means is just too high.

Keep it simple
Our underlying principle to keep everything as simple as possible; to replicate tried and tested pen and paper loyalty cards using the latest tech.