How do I get started?
Simply create an account, set up your first offer, and start using your 50 free transactions on your customers qualifying transactions immediately. Your customer doesn't have to do anything, and you can stuck collecting your valuable loyalty data straight away. Top up your transaction credits at any time as required. Remember to refer a friend (link), to claim 50 free transactions upon their first top up.

Why don't you offer Android and iOS apps?
Our research shows that there are too many apps available in today's marketplaces. Users are becoming less and less willing to install apps, and more and more likely to remove them to free up space for other apps. This is especially true if they are used only infrequently. It requires inspiring a very serious brand loyalty for a user to keep your app on their home screen. Large companies spend billions trying to instill the level of brand loyalty into their customers required to keep their app installed. The scansolid system Utilising the built-in functionality of smartphone cameras and browsers, all your customers need to remember from visit to visit is their email address!

Why don't you have a monthly pricing plan?
The short answer is that it's impossible to price a monthly plan fairly for all use cases. If you run an antiques shop for example, you might get on average, only one eligible loyalty card transaction per week. However a busy coffee shop might have, say, 200 or more transactions per day. To have these two customers paying the same monthly fee is inherently unfair - the customer loyalty transaction credits model addresses this problem.

How does your referral scheme work?
You simply provide a friend with your unique referral code, which they enter on signing up, and your account is credited with your 50 free transactions the first time they top up their account.

Why can't you issue credits from the referral scheme immediately?
The only way we can tell if a new website sign up is legitimate or not is when they top up their own credits for the first time.

What kind of customer analytics can I see?
We believe your company shouldn't have to be a multinational corporation in order to leverage your customer data. Key metrics include credit issued per day / week / month /year / by the hour

At what point does a transaction use up a credit?
The credit is only used once the transaction is linked to an email address, either by your customer or you.

Can you integrate with my online store?
Yes we can. At your online store checkout you can make a call to our API which will return a QR code and link for your customer to claim there eligible transaction.

Can you integrate with my existing in-store hardware?
It would be great to integrate directly with a till manufacturer or software provider so that scansolid.com QR codes could be printed directly onto receipts or onto other till screens. If you would be able to facilitate any of this integration, please get in touch.

What's wrong with traditional card and rubber stamp loyalty schemes?
Firstly the cards nearly always get lost before completion, or the customer doesn't have it with them. Also there's no way to track these cards to link a given transaction with a particular rubber stamp. Finally, it is easy to forge these kind of loyalty transactions

Can I use your technology in my own business idea?
Yes you can. Please contact us to discuss any ideas you have, and to discuss integration with our API, white labelling, or development of a completely bespoke solution.